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#TechBoomers Event: Washington Post

The issue of designing technology for folks over 50 may finally be going mainstream. On October 24, 2014, the Washington Post hosted a gathering in San Francisco titled “#TechBoomers”. The title’s inclusion of the ‘#’ (hashtag) — used on Twitter and Facebook to tag the topic of a posting — was intentional. According to the… Continue Reading

Taking an Age-Old Approach to UI*

*Wiser Usability was interviewed by Samuel Greengard for this piece, which was published in Communications of the ACM/ACM News on March 14, 2014. One of the challenges with designing websites and app interfaces for public consumption is that not all ears, eyeballs and minds are created equal. Somewhere between typeface styles and sizes, background colors… Continue Reading

Wiser Usability Presentation at Stanford: Designing for Older Adults

Recently Kate and Jeff were invited by the Stanford University Computer Science Department to give a talk in the department’s “People, Computers, and Design” talk-series. The talk took place on January 10, 2014. Our talk was titled “Designing for Older Adults: Usability Considerations for Real Users“. It covered the following topics: Demographics: Age-breakdowns of users… Continue Reading

Smart Phones Get Smarter but Users… Not So Much

A reporter from the Washington Post contacted me recently to talk about how people use smartphones. He was working on a story about the relationship between people and smartphones. His premise was that most people who have smartphones don’t understand or use most of the phone’s capabilities. Of course, I gave him an earful, some… Continue Reading

The Designing Don Norman?

A recent BayCHI session featured Don Norman, who has  released a revised and expanded edition of his 25-year old classic, The Design of Everyday Things. Although the entire talk was fascinating, I was particularly struck by a couple of topics. A Little White Lie? This was definitely an audience consisting of people who totally believe… Continue Reading