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Tutorials and Workshops

Design guidelines, usability considerations, etc. for older adults. From 1.5 hours to 4 hours; can be tailored to your audience. Can be conducted at your own location, or at a third-party facility.

Usability Testing

Using sample tasks from your website or application, we run usability studies with people from your target audience or market. Deliverable: findings and recommendations.

Expert Usability/Accessibility Evaluation

We review your website or application for usability and accessibility issues. Deliverable: findings and recommendations.

Focus Groups

Small group sessions to gather task requirements or collect feedback, with people from your intended audience or market. Deliverable: summary of group feedback; recommendations for future development, etc. (optional).

Interaction Design

We work from your requirements to produce a design for your website or application that older adults can easily use. Deliverable: Conceptual design document, including page/screen mockups or drawings.

Location: Most of our work can be done either locally or remotely; at your site, or at a third-party location.

Deliverables: In all cases, our results are presented to you in the format of your choice: presentation, report, email, video highlights, etc. This allows you to select the cost, length of time, and level of detail that best suit your situation.

Contact us to discuss which of our services fits your needs: